Transporting cats as cargo

Kimberly M

This does not work on United because it's a flight over 8 hours. You would need to get it certified as a "trained help" animal. Like a seeing eye dog or soemthing.

This is just an example for united, others may vary.
I like the idea. Do you have any thoughts about how I'd go about getting my cats certified as "support" or "trained help" animals?


Sounds good. Do you know how I go to get them certified as support animals?

You need to be aware that a lot of people are "GAMING" the system to classify their pets as emotional support animals. And I would bet a lot that a mental health professional would be aware of this. (I am under the impression that this is the kind of authority you would seek to get that particular designation for a pet???) So be forewarned of the currents you will be swimming against.


Have you ever noticed the person who used their connections to get a HCP (Handicap placard.) for their automobile such that they can use VIP parking in front of a store of office building?) This is the person who wheels up to the front of the building's facade, takes a HP parking spot, jumps out of their car with no visual impediment ... scoots inside and runs back to their car when finished. Most people who observe this, think it may be wrong assuming said user is in fact free of a handicap. (No way to tell for sure???)

Anyway, if you don't need the designation, and you seek, then obtain it, you are tarnishing the intended purpose of the program, for those who legitimately do. It all comes down to what kind of a person are you??? Your actions will answer that one, never your words.

UK Man

I'm sure the airlines are aware of that dodge.

How many cats did you say were travelling? If more than one it won't work anyway.