Travel adaptor from UK


Jan 5, 2010

I believe two types of powerplug are used in Argentina? European and the one similar to Australian plug. I will bring an Imac desktop and a PC laptop with me for work and personal use. 220V is fine but a bit confused about the plug types and what sort of travel adaptors would I need? I have one from UK to Europe and another from UK to America. Would they be sufficient? Or do I need to get one from UK to Australia as I doubt they'd sell one specifically for Argentina.
No worries, you should go to this place located on Parana 220. Very cheap prices.

all types of adapters and transformers. I believe the UK power is the same as here. however here is my story, it might come handy for expats from USA.

I bought a transformer and a power strip with 5 outlets (universal) for 110 pesos. The transformer is powerful enough to power 5 devices of 110 volts simulatneously. Be sure to specify how many things you might be plugging in and they will sell you the appropriate transformer. Good luck!
If you are still in the UK call into any Pound Shop and look at the adaptors they are selling: currently two on a card, one with small round pins, one with flat blades that can be set parallel or slanted. If your existing adaptors look like either of those, you will be fine. If not splash out a quid and buy one of those cards. In Argentina you will find both those types of outlet, usually mixed in the same room (the round ones are often on the light switch panels; the slanted blades on the walls and work surfaces but they are not mutually exclusive) so either adaptor will be fine but having both will keep your options open.
Local hardware stores sell adaptor plugs for less than a dollar. They also sell power strips (zapatillas) which can take any kind of plug.
Thank you, one of mine has two small round pins- European one and the other one has two slanted blades for America. Australian or Argentinian has 3 blades (2 slanted - 1 perpendicular). I have a feeling 2 blade one will probably be fine in Argentina as well as the European one.

Argentina uses both Type "I" and Type "C" and its easy to find adapters locally between the two, or to find outlet strips that will actually take either.

Apple sells an international adapter kit that has one I and one C in it- but they only work on certain apple products that have interchangeable plugs- ipod chargers, and more recent laptop chargers.
Not sure about new Imacs, but my older one needs a whole new type I power cord, not just a plug adapter.

Generic adapters are easy to find here.

Apple specific stuff is rare, and fiendishly expensive. If you need some apple specific cord, buy it at home before you come.