traveling through the interior. buses?


Jun 2, 2009
I'm planning doing doing some traveling through the interior. I'll most likely do Cordoba, Mendoza, and Salta. I think I know how to buy my ticket to Cordoba, but if I want to go to places in between these cities, like Valle de la Lune between Mendoza and Salta, how do I buy tickets for that? Where do you find tickets between cities in the interior?
At bus stations, travel agencies, online. I can recommend the bus company Andesmar, they also offer great packages with hotel and excursions.
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Dear StingyScrooge

My advice would be simply to book your first bus to get out of BA and then just enjoy the journey. When you arrive at a new town (at the bus station) you will have all the choices you need. It is impossible to book it from here. If you really want to explore Argentina and see the small towns and countryside you will have to take more local transport.

Of course if you want to visit Talampaya & Ischigualasto you may have to go to Villa Union and take a tourist excursion. If you are really a stingy scrooge and have a sense of adventure you could hitch. But take some jam sandwiches, plenty of water and a sleeping bag.

Good luck.