True that I am not subject to taxes as resident if I live less than six months here?


You will generally always pax tax or witholdings on Argentine income and assets. Tax residency on global income and assets usually kicks in after 6 months unless you have a “domicile” (Eg Home, center of economic interests, family etc) here and are a citizen ... then it can get tricky, or unless you are here as an employee with temporary residency for less than five years or are a diplomat.

Check out PWC or EY guides to taxes in Argentina online for more general info or speak to an accountant to assess your specific situation. If your situation is pretty straightforward and financially offshore (and you don’t need to be here more than 6 months a year) then you don’t need make things more complicated by staying longer and needing to worry about AFIP. It will be a never ending spiral of surprises and questions without clear answers otherwise.


You got legal advice from the only professional who can give it, and then you ask someone on this forum to verify that your lawyer told you correctly according to the law which he should know. You pay a lawyer to know the law, but you'd rather rely on free advice from an anonymous person?
Many people here are a great source of very reliable information and have real world, firsthand experience!