Trying to sell a new Macbook Pro for anyone looking!


Jan 14, 2010
Hi guys,

I'm trying to sell a brand new Macbook Pro that I brought from CA, but not really sure where to do it. My Argentine friend who was going to take it backed out, so now I'm stuck with a brand new Macbook pro which is just sitting in my room (as I have a HP which I am very fond of and don't know how to use a mac).

I had already posted a few times on craigslist, but all I am getting is spammers and scam artists. My hesitation with Mercado libre is paying 10% of the cost, which is too much.

I want to know if anyone is looking for a brand new Macbook Pro or if anyone knows someone loooking. Here is the link for my post on craiglist:
Any help is appreciated. Please PM me or email me at [email protected]

Thanks so much!

Best regards,

Is that the 13 or the 15 inch MacBook Pro? The 13" sells in the US for US$1,500. The 15 inch ones range from US$1,700 to US$2,300.
SaraSara said:
Is that the 13 or the 15 inch MacBook Pro? The 13" sells in the US for US$1,500. The 15 inch ones range from US$1,700 to US$2,300.

According to his ad on craig's list it's a 13".
Lee said:
Just check the listing you posted on craigslist and it says

•Apple Keyboard & User's Guide -Keyboard/Users Guide- SPANISH

You bought that in California with a Spanish keyboard? I wasn't aware that option was offered. Interesting...well, I am no longer interested in it.

Good luck with the sale.

I'm not sure if this applies because of the PC/Mac issue, but I have a Spanish Keyboard for my desktop, and I used a setting to make my computer read it is a regular keyboard. Again, not sure if this can be done with a Mac...
Hey Guys,

Thanks for all the comments/feedback regarding the macbook. Sorry I didn't check back earlier, I realized that I only get notifications when i get PMs. :rolleyes:

Anyways, yeah I still have the notebook. It was for an Argentine friend who is a graphic designer and who told me that most graphic designers here like to use Apple. But yeah, so that fell through, but I figured since I did get it for around 1638 USD (with CA tax 0.075%), CA recycle fee, and expedited shipment fee I would try to make some profit since they cost $2350 here. My friend was going to buy it for $1800 (friend price), but since it was kind of a pain to get it here, I would sell it for somewhere in between - $2000.

If anyone knows of any Argentine graphic designers, or anyone really who is interested in purchasing it, please let me know. I really appreciate your guys' feedback and all. Hope everyone had a fun St. Patty's day, albeit the storms :)

Thanks a lot, hope you all are well.


P.s- Hey Katrina, i didn't know u were on here :D
2000 is a good price for a local without access to buy in the states since here you can't buy it for less than 2450 USD

Since most apple users relay on warranty it would be nice to know exact invoice date.
Yeah that's a great point. Thanks! Well, I ordered it on January 15, 2010, so I guess the warranty is until January 15, 2011.

Find out where graphic designers get their supplies, and try posting a notice at the store. Many have bulletin boards, or let customers put fliers and business cards at the counter.