Two Tier Pricing at Teatro Colon


Jun 6, 2005
Has anyone noticed that non residents, i.e. those without a DNI (national ID card) must now pay twice the normal price for a ticket to the Teatro Colon? This season prices were increased very substantially across the board but now those who can not prove legal residence in Argentina must pay even more. Tickets to the Colon opera, for example, cost $160 pesos in platea (sorchestra/stalls) for the cheapest performance of La Boheme. Non residents pay $320.
Yes, I noticed that after I'd stood in line for 1.5 hours yesterday morning. But if you have an Argentine friend who can buy the tickets for you, that's an option. Just don't say anything if you go with them so they won't know you're a foreigner. Another is to take any proof of being a resident, even if it's not legal residency. For example, they told me that if I had my registration card for UBA, they would give me the residency rate. But the guy who waited on me was pretty nice and it's possible another employee wouldn't accept that.