UK/US indie electro rock band looking for new members


Nov 8, 2009
hey y'all,

we're looking for really tight musicians to resurrect our former band

We started in BA last may, by july had a good following and were playing all over town having a blast, getting paid and with free drinks etc. We play a kind of indie rock electro style, all designed to get people dancing and partying. We are not a JAM BAND

Some of the guys had to get back to the US for college in august. So now were reforming and looking for happy positive people that are going to be around in BA for a while. (atleast 6 months)

Our goal is to be able to get tight enough to support international acts that pass thru argentina, so think big!

If it takes you a long time to pick up new songs please don't bother We need instinctual musicians who can pick up tunes really fast and be able to put on a good show with us and keep the happy vibe.

here are some influences:
: al green, marvin gaye, stevie wonder, jackson 5, barry white, prince, hall & oats, jamiroquai, outkast, n.e.r.d, CSS, biz markie, Quantic Soul Orchestra, Peter Bjorn And John, Henry Mancini, Van Morrison <--and--> The smiths, the cure, Joy Division, the doors, Bob Marley, The clash, the killers, the beatles, electric 6, MGMT, 3oh!3, the GO! team, The coral, The Mean reds, The nice marmots, the kinks, the La's, Gomez, Belle & Sebastian, Doobie Brothers, Yes, Supertramp

We're looking for: drums, bassist, keys (micro korg ideal) lead guitar, and backing vocals. If you have other skills that might be cool too

If you feel you'd fit in, give us an email saying what you play, plus what music you like. take it easy

I will be moving to Baires in February and am a musician. I had many bands including electro indie bands here is the US. I play keys/midi, bass and guitar and sing. Im not saying to wait for me but i would definitely want to keep in touch with you guys and form something if youre still there. Check out my bands webpage music ( electro rock castellano) ( Lead guitar) ( solo)