Uruguay, once Covid haven, suffers record infections and deaths

This article is not totally accurate accurate, the locals are out of control and behaving carelessly. The government is is not doing anything of any value to put the curve down. In short La Calle is not to bright and does not have the courage to do what needs to done. Being here that is my take. For crying out loud the man told the people take a tourism week and when you get back stay away from others for 10 days. Duhhhh!!!!!!!!! Like people are going to listen to that? Delusional politics seem to epidemic these days.
Less than 20% of the Population of Uruguay has received 2 doses so far and they are all out and about partying like it was 2019.
Sinovac has been clinically tested in China, Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia and Egypt. All clinical test have been peer reviewed. The vaccine is safe and effective.

“We've arranged a society on science and technology in which nobody understands anything about science and technology, and this combustible mixture of ignorance and power sooner or later is going to blow up in our faces."
--Carl Sagan
Vaccines got here and they started acting like the pandemic was over sharing beers, mate, joints etc... Watching that I was like oh no here we go. And sure enough. I just stay home working and working out most of the time anyway, but I am going out a lot less now for sure. They be crazy!!! The scene in Punta Del Este last Sunday was horrifying and the last two days in Maldonado record breaking new infections. 60k population over 1100 known cases add the unknown to that? Hide your tail. I think I actually had it about 6 months ago but no way to verify that. 6 days knocked out very high temp but more like a sinusitis no low breathing or lung issues. Oh well, but I do not want a second round with one of the variants. Which I have had clients in the US get knocked down a second time. Even the symptoms are variables this virus is nuts and do not like being sick.
Same is happening in Chile, the UK and even the US. People are acting as if the vaccine is an immediate silver bullet, which is not and it was never promised as such.
Vaccination IS the silver bullet, once you have 100% of the population vaccined.
Vaccination IS the silver bullet, once you have 100% of the population vaccined.

That might not be the case. We might have to deal with COVID for a long time, even after 100% vaccination. The South African strain, for example, can bypass the Pfizer vaccine.
Vaccination IS the silver bullet, once you have 100% of the population vaccined.
Don't drink the Kool-Aid!

With all that has been uncovered regarding the vaccines administration and the likelyhood that the chain of custody and proper refrigeration has been kept, are you 100% positive that everyone is receiving a real vaccine as intended and there is no ersatz or placebos being distributed as the real thing?

Wouldn't surprise me at all.
Que le hace una raya más al tigre?