US Passport Renewal


Thanks one last one, did you have the appointments page for October 2020 open and just refresh many times a day? Or did you open up the appointments page everytime until you found availability?

The reason I ask specifically is cause I have a friend who has been trying for the past week and has had no luck. Im assuming there must be an exact way to be able to get it.
No problem. I did NOT refresh because I had no way to be sure it would work that way. So I entered each time new from the Make Appointment page.


Anyone still having trouble getting an appointment to renew their passport? I have been trying for 3 months. At the end of December I noticed that no dates for 2021 were open yet, so I went online early in the morning on Jan 01 and all of Jan - Mar were already booked. This is ridiculous. I think they are taking their Covid holiday a bit too far at this point. I would prefer not to have to fly to the US before my passport expires and "lose" my passport to solve this.

I've tried the logging on all day and it has not worked so far. Any suggestions about time of day, or day of the week, or magic phrases I need to say ?


Message to U.S. Citizens residing in Córdoba, Mendoza, and Santa Fé (Rosario City) Provinces and the City of Buenos Aires and surrounding area. Availability of Online Fee Payment and Adult Passport Renewal via Courier Service.
The U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires is pleased to offer a pilot program to pay your passport renewal fees online and request renewal of your adult passport (form DS-82 only) via courier service. We encourage all U.S. citizens residing in the service area to take advantage of this option to renew your adult passport.
This program is limited to the renewal of adult (form DS-82) passports and cannot be used for the renewal of a child’s or first-time adult (DS-11) passport. A DS-11 application requires an appointment and personal appearance at the U.S. Embassy.
U.S. citizens taking advantage of this service are not permitted to drop the application forms at the U.S. Embassy directly. If you wish to make a personal appearance for an adult passport (form DS-82) renewal then you must book a regular passport appointment via the Embassy website at Due to limited appointment availability, U.S. citizens eligible for the adult passport renewal by courier or Correo Argentino are strongly encouraged to use the renewal by courier service.
You may submit a passport renewal by courier only if you can use the DS-82 passport application form and all of the following apply:
Your passport is:
· Undamaged;
· Issued within the last 15 years;
· Issued with a 10 year validity; and
· Issued in your current name or you have changed your name since your passport was issued and can submit legal documentation to prove this change.

fee Payment:
Passport applicants seeking to submit a DS-82 application via courier must pay the application fee online at the following website: Eligible applicants may process their payment via U.S. or international credit or debit card, electronic funds transfer from a U.S. based bank account, Amazon Pay, or PayPal.

Application Submission Process:
Applications must be submitted via DHL to the U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires.
(Applicants in the City of Buenos Aires may also send their application packages via Correo Argentino’s trackable mail service of “Carta Certificada Plus" instead of DHL.)
You must include in the DHL courier (or Correo Argentino) envelope:

1. Proof you paid your application fee (see the below information)
· Printout of email from using this linkthat confirms you successfully paid the non-refundable $110 application fee; insert Argentina as renewal location. Applicants may create an account or instead utilize the payment form as a “guest user.”

2. Fill out and submit your DS-82 passport application form online, using the Passport Wizard
· You must print and sign the DS-82 application on the line labeled Applicant’s Legal Signature
· Note the strict requirement to provide your U.S. Social Security Number on the DS-82 application

o If you do not have a Social Security Number, you must also submit a statement on a separate piece of paper, signed and dated, that includes the phrase, “I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that the following is true and correct: I have never been issued a Social Security number by the Social Security Administration.”

3. Your most recent full-validity (10 year) U.S. passport, must be included
4. One color passport photograph (5 x 5 cm, white background) taken within the past 6 months, no eyeglasses
5. If applicable - Evidence of Change of Name – e.g. Marriage Certificate, Change of Name, Statutory Declaration or Court Order (name change must have taken place after your previous passport was issued)
6. Return, pre-paid DHL airway bill - only available from one of the below participating DHL offices. Family members or trusted friends may purchase the DHL pre-paid airway bill on the applicant’s behalf, but the airway bill must contain the applicant’s name, as listed in the applicant’s U.S. passport.

DHL Córdoba: Ayacucho 23, Córdoba City
DHL Mendoza: Patricias Mendocinas 927, Mendoza City
DHL Rosario: Av. Pellegrini 1075, Rosario City
DHL Buenos Aires: Av. Cabildo 1209, Belgrano, CABA
DHL Buenos Aires: 25 Mayo 447, Microcentro, CABA
Send your application and all requested documents via DHL to the following address:
U.S. Embassy Argentina
Consular Section - ACS Unit
Av. Colombia 4300 (1425)
Buenos Aires, Argentina


US ambassador just resigned his job last week so I imagine they're going through a regime change over there. Probably not good for productivity.