USA Measuring Cups


Apr 28, 2009
Has anyone seen the USA measuring cups for dry ingredients (ie flour, sugar, etc.). I looked around in Juy Juy (spelling?) area and found a liquid measuring cup - but not the dry ones - like say these:

I baked some cornbread the other day using the coffee cups and esspresso cups in our furnished apartment as an approximation and boy did it turn out bad!
It's harder to find any non-metric stuff here....might as well get used to the conversion it will make life easier....!!!:D
You can buy a "Tala" measure here. It looks like a cone shaped cup, blue and white made of aluminium.
Inside is calibrated in metric, imperial and american, fluid ounces and weight for various things like rice and flour.
Not sure exactly but I think I saw one in a kitchen shop on either Armenia or Malabria, between Gorriti and Cordoba.
Sorry I cannot be more exact but I am in the UK at the moment, but even if you do not find this shop I am sure I have seen these in other shops.

Another great British Export :D :D
Check out Mr. Presents in Martinez...just up from the train station on Alvear....right hand side of the street if you're heading towards Ave. Santa Fe....lots of kitchen items and very nice quality.
*they do close mid-day...
I anticipated the conversion problem and brought along my old set of Tupperwear measuring cups for 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, and 1 cup as well as measuring spoons.

I recommend trying stores in the Buenos Aires Design Center where they have a large selection of kitchen items.
I have an extra US measuring cup (capacity-one cup) I brought in from the states...Private message me for more info.