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Jul 29, 2008
i have a question...are there any other vinyl heads here on the forum? only i am deliberating as to what to do with my rekkids. i have decided to put all my cds on my laptop and bring a select few rare 'bits' that are let alone hard to find in the uk to play on my portable record player. i have a friend who works in a record shop who tells me that i could get most new records from a friend of his who requests them from the states - for between 60-100 pesos a piece, so pretty much what i pay for them here.

however, i buy a lot of second hand vinyl here in london and wondered if anyone on the site was an avid collector/hunter and what gems you've unearthed in BA. are there are any good record shops? how much does vinyl sell for? any concrete examples of purchases?

look forward to feedback. this will impact on my selecting process of vinyl to bring with.
i hate the habit of 'bumping' threads but any input on this would be really appreciated/gratefully received.

I've plenty of vinyl but haven't bought any in Argentina. I have seen quite a few old LPs (tattered sleeves, discs usually OK) in second-hand bookstores in Buenos Aires, but the prices seemed to me to be a bit high for condition and subject.
...which is what i feared. i'm sure that there are other avenues to explore, in both senses, as i'm asuming you're referring to avenida corrientes, and i'm sure that off the beaten track there must be some little shops selling vinyl for cheaper.

i guess i'm just going to have to go on the hunt!

I sold my vinyl turntables before coming out here and bought some CDJ 800's which have been good, and now i don't get any jumping record problems when scratching. I have a huge music collection out here from rare hip hop / funk to drum n bass, electro, trip hop - but i haven't really found a huge following for this music scene in my two years of living in BA. They are more into stuff like Cumbia and Reggaeton, kind of like Chinese water torture.
There are a few nights though that play good funk / soul / hiphop though, just need to look a bit further. I found a cool night with Eastern European music sort of crazy gypsy electro it's .
i don't doubt there's good stuff going on. one of my best friends over there used to dj at kim y novak which i know used to play some left field stuff but no doubt it's been 'palermo-izado' since the last time i was over.

cumbia is ubiquitous. it's always been around since my holidays in my teens. some tunes are quite catchy even, though it's not really my thing.

yeah, i was a big d'n'b/jungle fan and went to the d'n'b night in the centre but was really dissapointed. this was 2 years ago last time i was over but needless to say the dj was clueless and didn't have any of the classics, or knew what i was going on about when i named tunes. poor.

eastern european gypsy music - sounds like my cup of tea. i love beirut so could be interesting. will ask for more details when over!
I was an avid vinyl collector, these are some cult places:

Abraxas: Galeria 5ta Avenida, Santa Fe 1270, local 74

El Agujerito: Galeria del Este, Maipú 971, local 10

Deep Music: Av. Corrientes 1662, paseo La Plaza.

Miles: Honduras 4912.

Notorious: Av. Callao 966.

Piccolo & Saxo: Av. Santa Fe 3591.

RGS: Galería Galecor, Av. Corrientes 5233, local 2.

The Musical Box: Av. Santa Fe 1653, local 13.

Zivals: Av. Corrientes esquina Callao; Jorge Luis Borges 1600; Corrientes y Córdoba (Rosario).

1972: Thames 1762.
Do they sell the turntables here with a USB port for transfer to a PC??
I put my decks and records in storage before I left. Couldn't afford to bring them with me, too much hassle and expensive. Digitised as much as I could, now just play off a laptop and brought final scratch unit with me if I get an craving to buy some decks. I miss my old setup, but it wasn't really worth the hassle bringing them.