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I got the pioneer CDJ 800's which i ordered from Miami. I don't use them with a laptop, although fix them up through my external sound module to record mixes.
They tried to charge me 50% import tax when i got them here at the international post office, but i managed to get round that as my neighbour just happened to be friends with one of the top guys at customs there so i payed nothing.


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thanks for those record shop details, much appreciated. miles has been there for a while, but i only recalled cds the last time i went.

any idea what they're pricing stuff at?

i bought a macbook a few weeks ago and am putting all my cds on there, then bought myself a soundburger - AMAZING contraption:
Sound Burger: Vintage Portable Turntable - Retro Thing

so will bring 30 bits with me and put the rest in the hands of my bro to look after...

then i will have to give the above mentioned shops a go!