visa renewal


Mar 9, 2009
I am living in BsAs with a one year rentista visa which expires in Feb 2010.
Does anybody know about the tramites for a a renewal ?
Or would it be easier with a tourist visa every 3 months ?
I want to stay in Argentina until spring 2012
You will need at least the following:

Your passport (and DNI if you have it.)

A photocopy of your DNI (if you have it).

Photocopies of all pages of your passport.

Continuing "proof" of foreign income. (I used a letter from an officer of my US bank which verified the continuing monthly deposits as previously "documented" when I first applied for the visa.) I also took all of the original docs submitted with the initial visa application and new photo copies of them.

Argentine bank statements for the past year showing monthly deposits of $2500-$3000 pesos or the equivalent in dollars. Don't worry about wire transfers.

$600 pesos.

An advance appointment is not required but they only give 50 turnos per day. If you arrive at migraciones at 8 AM you shouldn't have any problem.

Also, bring a book and remember the ladies at the prorrogas sector do not speak English.

I do not suggest using the endless tourist visa renewal option. That loophole may be closing.
Just wondering, I have a different type of visa but I suppose it is the same for all :

I just go up there and I get the renewal the same day (providing I am in time) or do I get a turno at that time.

In other words : when do I have to go there? how much time before the visa expires, and,

I can I do it for the whole family or does everyone has to come in person?