Visas and work


It seems most people who are in BA doing teaching, arrive on a tourist visa and then find work afterwards. How does this work in terms of being paid, and getting an apartment? Is it possible to switch to a working visa after you arrive, or do all these people just work illegally? I ask because I'm planning to come over myself in a year or so, but I also have to consider my wife. I guess she'd either need to do the same, or be attached to a work visa if I got one. Any advice much appreciated.


I heard that quite a few teach illegally. OK, that's not true. EVERYONE I KNOW TEACHES ILLEGALLY. Not "quite a few".
You either leave the country every three months (Colonia!... kind of blows) or you go to Migraciones and pay AR$100 (right now) for another three month stamp. The Migraciones trick can only be done twice a year and not consecutively.
After you're here, good luck.