Visiting BA, late June to mid July


Apr 15, 2010
Hi all,

While I'm not immediately planning to relocate to BA, I will be visiting for 3 weeks this summer (well northern hemisphere summer). I'm well-traveled and adapt quickly, but I do like to be somewhat prepared. I've been to Ecuador and Colombia in the past but never to Argentina.

I've already secured a good apartment rental in an area southeast of Retiro, near the intersections of Av. Cordoba and Av. Leandro N. Alem. So I'm simply looking for any helpful bits of advice, pointers to good resources, things to definitely do, things to definitely avoid, etc. about staying in BA and specifically in this area if you know it well.

Also, being from the US, I'm a bit curious if expats do anything for the 4th of July? It's not that big a deal to me, but I've participated in July 4th celebrations while in other countries and it's been pretty fun.

Lastly, I don't speak Spanish and I'm trying to brush up on what little I know. I'm curious about the degree of difficulty on getting by on little or no Spanish.

Thanks for any help!

Hola Kate,

You'll be staying pretty close to where I live....though I'll be in the States when you arrive!

Walking distance to Puerto Madero and San Telmo - which are both worth the walk. San Telmo particularly on Sunday for the market on Defensa and Puerto Madero to see how the other half lives.

You will be fine language wise - a lot of people speak English - you'll inevitably pay a bit more for everything, but if you're only here for 3 weeks it'll all appear cheap to you (an illusion which will soon be broken if you come and live here!).

Enjoy your trip.
what a good idea to come over to Buenos Aires! You will have a great time here, that's for sure!!!
Don't worry about your english, most of the people here speak english, and they will be glad to help you to improve your spanish!
The place you will stay is really nice! So there is no problem about that!
Concerning the things to do and to avoid, I had a quick look on the internet and I find this website that might help you. It givies you the top 10 Buenos Aires activities, advices about the city etc!
Hope that will help!!
Thanks for answering my questions, I really appreciate it! I'm glad to hear that my English and weak Spanish won't be an issue. And as for paying a bit more, as long as it's not on par with paying for stuff in London or Tokyo, I'll be fine with that for 3 weeks. :) And thanks also for that link bairestraveler, that has a lot of helpful info.

One other question: Is there an Argentine equivalent of 7-11 or AM-PM? If I'm looking for a convenience store, what should I look for?

Thanks again,

Valkyrie said:
One other question: Is there an Argentine equivalent of 7-11 or AM-PM? If I'm looking for a convenience store, what should I look for?

I don´t know what an AM-PM is but there are kioskos on just about every corner of the city that sell drinks, snacks, beer, and other basics. Many are open 24 hours. Here you can even have the kiosk deliver to your apartment free of charge (there is delivery for everything here).

There are convenience stores, like a type at a gas station, but they tend to be limited in the downtown part of the city (ie, where you will be living) as most people use public transportation.
Thank you Oxente for your information, that's very helpful! I just wanted to know how readily available the basics might be (basics meaning a diet cola or snack :). Thanks!