Visiting Buenos Aires


Hi everyone.

I'm visiting Buenos Aires for a week or so and was wondering if any of you expats would be up to hanging out? I fly in 28th December. I'm open to pretty much anything. I'm really interested in walking the city and taking pictures and getting to know people. I'm staying in the Boedo neighborhood for the first few days and not really sure where afterwards. * I'm American (not that it should matter but just in case you're wondering). :)
I've read about tango groups and rodeo's and would very much like to experience these. I'm really not interested in the touristy aspect of it but rather the more 'authentic' experience (if that even exists for outsiders). If my note at all sounds arrogant or ignorant, please excuse my words. That is not at all my intent. I'm just hoping that I get some help from the people who have made Buenos Aires their home and is open to showing me what they've seen and experienced thus far.