Volunteer Event in June!!!


May 12, 2009
Hey everyone!! My name is Alison Occhiuti and I am a student studying abroad with IFSA Butler. I am new to BAEXPATS but I wanted to share with you all what I do when I´m not studying! I work for an organization called Idealistas.org which is group that tries to make connections between people that want to do volunteer work together. We are hosting an event in June at a bar and I am looking for english speakers that have volunteered internationally (anywhere, although Latin America and Argentina are best) in the past to come. Our idea is to play a sort of speed dating game involving past volunteers and participants in the event. We would like each past volunteer to talk about an issue related to volunteering internationally (examples: language barriers, culture shock, not getting along with your boss, AIDS, the environment, WHATEVER!). You don´t have to stay for the entire event if you don´t want to (although it will be so fun), but I would really really really appreciate any help any of you could give me.
My mail: [email protected] THANKS!!!