Jun 18, 2005
Since mentions of Walmart often draw the ire of some expats on these boards, i dread posting it. but hey, im a brave man and well, lets let people decide for themselves.
Some newcomers may not know about the Walmart. its in the neighborhood right on the other side of la boca called Avelleneda. This towns commercial street is full of stores also. The Walmart is attached to a typical shopping mall, just like the ones you know in other neighborhoods but it allows smoking for those who want that.
I took the 74 bus from san telmo and its a short trip and lets you off right at the new municipal building, right at the beginning of the mall. Theres also an Easy store on the property. Its a big mall and i think it actually may be easier for me to go to, by jumping on one bus for a short ride, rather than some other malls that require switching subway lines during hot days or a bus that must pass through downtown congestion.
Comments on Walmart: i saw very few imported things. so you wont see the same things you would back home. the clothes were mostly argentine, so even lower quality than a typical discount store back home. But still its worth a visit if you live near one of the lines or have a car. its a big store, the mall has bowling and lots of other stores. regarding safety, i felt safe, but id keep my guard up just in case when leaving the property. The bus stops are very close.
There is another Walmart/Easy shopping mall in the north part of the city. On 140 bus route. Never been inside, though.
I've found that most of the stuff that I would think about going to Walmart for, I can get at either the Carrefours in the city, or at Jumbo, and often at lower prices, including a fair amount of imported stuff.
I don't think Walmart here is interesting at all: it has nothing to do with Walmart in the US except for the name really...V