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Posted on: 06/10/2008 09:35 AM

"Deb" said:
I'm still in TX... I have had just about enough of the madness in the US. The upcoming election scares me and I don't want to be here anymore. I am currently an airline pilot, but am willing to try something else...
I would LOVE any advice any of you may have to offer on "chucking it all" and moving south. A prominent concern I have is that I have a 16 and a 14 year old... They aren't out of high school yet...
How much $ a month do I realistically need to live reasonably comfortably there? Any info on schools and medical would be appreciated also.
Soulskier asked if I was a private detective. I'm not, but, as I lay awake last night, thinking about this thread, I began to wonder... has anyone else noticed that Deb's post which started this thread was her first and was soon followed by Viviana's (also a new member) plug for her services and her assertions of the superiority of Mendoza to BA?
I searched the bulletin board for other posts from Viviana. There had been posts in three topics (including this one) but her posts in other two have been deleted. They were originally in the "22 year old thinking of moving to Argentina" thread started by JJ and in the "Who has something great to say!" thread and were just another version of her self promotion. Fortunately, they were saved in "quotations" in the replies, so they are still there for all to see. Only Viviana and the forum moderator have the power to delete her posts, and I can't see a reason the moderator would have done so. Hopefully, he'll tell us if he did. I quoted "Deb's" post here, before it could also disappear.So what am I getting at? Well, if you re-read "Deb's" original post, perhaps you will find it as unbelievable as I do. What kind of mother would even think of taking two teenagers out of high school and away from their friends, family, and rights in the US, throwing away a career as an airline pilot, and move to Argentina?Why haven't we heard from Deb since? It is somewhat unusual for an individual to pose a question like hers and not follow up with additional questions or acknowledge the replies within a day or two.

Perhaps she is flying.
Perhaps she doesn't exist. Could her post actually have been created by someone who wanted to promote a business that would provide the answers ? Is there one author...or two?Has anyone ever seen Deb and Vivian together in Texas?


"soulskier" said:
Viviana, I have found a lot of negative tones to this message board, don't let it bother you. I also believe that there are other parts of Argentina that are great. I do post here, as we don't have a forum just for Patagonia. I admire what you are doing. My wife, dog and I moved to Argentina dog 3 years ago and would have loved to have a person like you on our team. Suerte!
You can also count me in but unfortunately, my job requires me to live in the urban areas to travel on business. I haven't seen the REAL mountains since I was in Nepal, a few years back. High altitude mountaineering in Buenos Aires area is non-existent but I'll probably tackle Aconcagua when I have time, since my vacations are usually spent in the States during the holidays. =(


Quoting "steveinbsas": "'Deb' started this thread (her first post) on Wannabe Expats . . . .
Why haven't we heard from Deb since? . . . .
Perhaps she doesn't exist.
Could her post actually have been created by someone who wanted to promote a business that would provide the answers ? Is there one author...or two?
Has anyone ever seen Deb and Vivian together in Texas?"
I may not like Viviane's tone (nor appreciate her misunderstanding of the States), but I don't think that she and "Deb" are one. The OP's use of English is that of a native speaker (bravo for Johny, who, though admittedly Argentine, shows the same facility), while Viviane struggles for intelligibility. Plus, though unusual, Deb's interest in uprooting her teenagers is, I think, plausible.
Indeed, I find the most dubious assertion in this thread to be Viviane's claim that she's spent forty years in the United States, as that would predate the invasion of people who consistently fail to learn English.


i find the argentines gruff, arrogant and with a streak of cruelty running through them., meaning they actually enjoy being nasty. just this morning i went to the bakery, one of the only half way decent bakeries in this city of poor quality bakeries, and the woman was so smug, so rude, that i just had to tell her in front of everyone not to speak to me that way again. and i mean it. watch your mouth, who the heck does she think she is.
these are a tense people, an angry people, an unhappy and sad people, a paranoid and suspicious people always on the edge of exploding in a furniture throwing rage and fury. And very closed minded. they cant imagine, conceive of anything being done another way and they could care less about treating a frequent customer with basic kindness or at least courtesy. Luckily i wasnt born here.


Wow, JG, it sounds like you ran into my ex (Argentine) girlfriend. She had a propensity for screaming, throwing things, and twisting ears (enough to draw blood). Did the woman you encountered tell you (over and over) that "you know nothing of the crisis in theeese country" as the folks outside were blasting their car horns and banging their pots?


Aha! There I am.. Hi everyone, I'm Andrew- 37- American by birth. Fascinating! I can't wait.. How dark, how edgy, as switchblade wearing red stilettos at midnight wasted on cough syrup, fueled by timeless passions.. :) After 4.5 years in Prague, C.R. and just coming up on a year in Valencia, Es, I'm reallying looking forward to moving to B.A. and the long, long, long, drive down there from S.F.Yep, that's the plan- in a VW Vanagon, should be leaving mid-January with two friends, who'll probably fly back to S.F. You know, I used to throw things, yes really! But when I got off of meat and most dairy, during my last year in Prague, I stopped. No more fork flinging? Maybe I'll have to go back to eating beef just to stay at pace with the city? Also, I do bite, playfully of course.
Through the miracle that we call the 'Internet' I've found a Wing Chun maestro(!), seriously, to continue my studies in that aspect of my life.. Happy about that. Wing Chun is a pretty quiet form of martial arts, maybe I should ad some screaming "Keeeeaps!" from Karate.I understand University classes are inexpensive.?. That'd be fun- why not? I have to say that Prague and Valencia are far safer than the Tenderloin (a neighborhood) of S.F. While working and living in two residential hotels I saw: 3 shootings, 1 fatal loss of face/head, 1 cross kitty-corner AK-47 spray from one gang to another, a shared bathroom on my floor sprayed with blood and feces, an huge, slit wrist suicide victim that bled to the next floor and a female gang that sold crack cocaine out of their genitalia.Anyway, I'm looking forward to the move- thankfully my Spanish is far better than my Czech. :) I have to admit though, a home invasion robbery is something....no, please, yuck. I've been in some scrap/scrapes in my life, but I've never been robbed- always kept things, including my actions, nice and tight, but to be robbed in your own home, maybe killed!, maybe not found for days. And what if your dog gets hungry? Or what if your dogs dead from the robbers and you get hungry and the robbers stole your wallet? Do you even have a wallet? Is it big and bulky?Okay, sorry, I should get back to my book- will be finished by the time I leave Spain. Around the middle of Nov. or Dec. Other writers?Am looking forward to reading these forums and picking your collective brains and, as has happened in the past, with other cities, meeting a few of you in the not so distant future.Mucho saludos,Andrew
JG-Be very careful what you say about Argentines here. You will be accused of being a racist like me for making ANY negative comments about the locals regardless of how accurate they may be.On a related note: I find it interesting that when some Argentines speak, I can understand almost everything, others not a word. I guess its like a non English speaking person trying to have a conversation with someone in Brooklyn or Alabama. Anyhow.....when you ask them to please speak slowly and clearly, they completely become offended. I guess its the equivalent of saying your Spanish is pathetic. Same thing when you ask the selection of deserts and EVERYTHING contains Dulce de leche. When you then grimace and state you don't like it, they take it personally. You are against the "Argentine" way of life! How dare you say that! Bizarre.


On a daily basis i encounter smug, arrogant, rude, and as i also wrote, people with a nasty streak that cant be denied.
I wish they werent that way, i wish they didnt toss trash everywhere. i wish they didnt think they were the best and everyone else are morons. dont think theyre about to change though, not anytime soon.
Im listening to Prarie Home Companion now. ahhhh, nice decent people. how i miss them.