want to move to Argentina


Jun 6, 2005
(reposted, originally submitted by nena)
Hello we are an european family, we want to move to Argentina, wich part would be the safest and as well where the children could go to school and learn french as this is their language, we prefer country like places, any advise will be apreciated, thank you
check Mendoza. It's a beautiful province in the west of Argentina. Don't know much about the french language there...but the Alliance Francaise (sp?) has schools all over the country. Check http://www.alianzafrancesa.org.arIf you want to you can email memalbec(at)lycos.de
i believe there's a bi-lingual french-spanish school in belgrano but i know nothing about it. you could live in the northern suburbs in the country and commute in every day, it's not far.

You have two choices for French schools. Jean Marmoz Lycee in Belgrano or the Franco Argentine school in Martinez / Acassuso. We know the new director of the Jean Marmoz who is starting this Fall. Depending upon what you are used to for living you can live in city - more like being in Paris or in you can live in suburbs which my husband (who is French and has lived in Paris and near Marseilles) cannot compare to anything there.We chose the suburbs because we are starting a family and have large dogs, but we helped the director find a short term apartment in Belgrano for several months to test the area as it is close the school.If you want to email my husband directly you can email me at [email protected] and I will give it to him
Hello there, it is me again. I want to be sure that Argentina is the right move, could any of you please tell me more about life in Argentina, anything what ever it is negative or positive, remember we have four children here in France, we live in Normandy which is very nice, very rural, but our closest family is in Peru, thats is the main reason why we want to go to South America to be closer to them, looking forward to any comments, thank you
Nena: I believe Argentina is a great place to live but then it depends on what you like, the standard or quality of life you have here and there in your country, and your personal experience .
Argentina is relatively cheap for europeans to live, to buy property and such but I don´t think it is that easy to make a lot money /al least not in euros. If you have an independent source of income in euros or such in France then it won´t be a problem.
But beware of coming here (with four children) without a steady source of income. Unless you have plans on how to invest to get reasonable returns..or are being transferred by a company, a government or such...
I would recommend you visit Argentina on holidays see what it is like here, meet expats, see for yourself the kind of life they have here...