Want to move to BA - rugby player and work in carbon credit industry


Jan 19, 2010
The thread title mostly says it all, but I'm looking to moving to BA with my Bolivian/American fiance to start our life. I play very competitive rugby and also work in the carbon credit/climate change field, and would welcome any ideas on both rugby clubs and networking ideas!

Thank you all in advance for any help, and looking forward to getting down there soon (in Bolivia at the moment)

I hope you're out of your job soon when people realize what a fraud global warming is
Welcome to BsAs - we're not all quite so abrupt:rolleyes:. Good luck on the move - there is quite a competitive rugby scene here and I doubt you'll have trouble finding opportunities to play. Re: work - your best opportunity is to start networking now where you are and start looking for opportunities with companies that may be based somewhere else but have an office here.
Sorry all, just realised I should have introduced myself a little better. My name is Nick, and I am currently living in Bolivia with my fiance, Sofia (her family is from Cochabamba). We are both looking forward to settling down somewhere in South America soon, and are looking at BA, Santiago, Lima, and Bogota (strongly leaning to BA, and looking for any reason to make it definite). I know it's quite the cross section of cities to choose from, but we haven't been to any of them yet and are doing our research. Plus, we're pretty flexible after having collectively lived in the US, France, Japan, Scotland, Bolivia, Thailand, and Dubai, so figure we should be able to adjust to accordingly wherever we settle.

My fiance speaks French, Spanish and English fluently and is looking for opportunities in marketing - she got her masters in international business at Edinburgh. And as I mentioned above, I spent the last five year traveling and working in the carbon credit industry (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbon_credit), most recently two years in Dubai, and am looking forward to bringing my experience to BA. In addition, I've played very high level rugby, and am also looking forward to picking up a bit of the Argentinian style soon. In fact, if anyone knows any expat-friendly clubs that I could contact, it would be very much appreciated!

It's been a pleasure to read the forum so far, and I am looking forward to participating more.