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Oct 18, 2007
I moved to a new place with a beautiful garden view and contrafrente - muy tranquillo... but unfortunately the building doesn't have a laundry room. The apartment agent said the residents don't want one.

My first apartment also didn't have a laundry room either so I went to the laundry store near by and paid 7 pesos for a machine. In apartments with a laundry room I paid 2 pesos.

For a supposedly poor country it seems most people allow themselves the luxury of having other people washing their clothes. And/or they wear the same clothes over and over...

In this part of Recoleta I live now (Las Heras y Callao) the laundries don't even have posted prices and I wonder if they will even let me use the machines.

When you use the machine in these places, you need to be cognizant that you are in the middle of a work place and need to make efforts not to get in the workers way ...

How much does it cost to have the laundry wash and fold?

What do you say to request this service :confused:
We have paid depending on the neighborhood, from $18 to $8 pesos per load wash/dry (they do it)... I believe its called valet service... auto servicio is do -it -youself...!!
In my neighborhood (in Palermo) it's $8 pesos per load for them to wash/dry/fold and bag up the clothes. They might iron too... it looks like it, but I'm not sure. I drop it off (sorted) and pick it up. They deliver for a few extra pesos.
aguia said:

where in palermo do you take it?

It's on Oro near the intersection of Beruti. The people are really nice too and even though I can't really communicate with them, they make it real easy for me. :) I have to go early this week so I'll try to get the exact address for you... there are at least two right there and a lot nearby.
Wow I pay 16 pesos for mine. I go to the one on Posadas and Ayacucho. Just for wash and dry for one load too.
My building was sold as having a laundry, but the people in it voted against having machines. In my view the builders have broken their contract, but what can I do if the idiots want to use 5aSec?
At least they have somewhere for their bikes.
Joe, if you walk around your block somewhere in there is a LAVARAP or the like. Usually the girls in there can pick up and deliver your laundry for no extra cost (when not very busy), especially if I have lots of sheets and fluffy blankets to be washed, I ask them to pick up. Tipping is always appreciated by the nice ladies.
steveinbsas said:
It isn't a super crime, but it could easily be twice what you might pay if you speak castellano.

The one I go to posts the prices on the window... maybe that's something to look for before dropping your clothes off.

I had no idea the places ranged so much in price, I just picked one and got lucky I guess! I figured why the heck would I do the laundry for pretty much the same price I'd pay to have someone do it for me?! No brainer... :)
steveinbsas said:
Sorry to sound like BlahBlah, but OUCH!

It isn't a super crime, but it could easily be twice what you might pay if you speak castellano.

It is more the area he's in than the language, I think. We haven't found anything in the area surrounded by Libertador, 9 de Julio, Santa Fe, and Callao (OK so he's slightly outside of that) for anything much less than 16 pesos for wash/dry/"valet". While my Spanish isn't great, my wife did all of the inquiries, and she's Argentine. The larger places have advertised prices up on the wall. Given that the prices of clothes in the various window shops in the streets around Patio Bullrich (anyone for a AR$1500 purse?), the locals just send everything out and don't even notice.
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