Watching English football games in B.A?


Feb 23, 2007
Hola everyone. Im a Brit and Ive been in Buenos Aires for almost a week now. I love it here but Im already feeling a little homesick. Any ideas where one can watch Premiership football games here? As a proud gooner, I was also wondering where I can watch the Carling Cup final this coming Sunday between my beloved Arsenal and the "supposedly mighty" Chelsea? Any useful information would be greatly appreciated. Muchas gracias a todos!
Hello mate, welcome to BsAs. You might want to try Locos X Futbol, they have 3 branches in Bs As. I know the one in Recoleta near the cemetery, right next to the cinema. The match is showing on ESPN2 . I am also a Gooner, and have been here for 2 months now. If you are staying for a while, why not get together for a couple of lagers when the mighty Gunners are playing. However I can't do this Sunday as I'm off to Chile for a week, but can do any other game after that. Anyway enjoy Buenos Aires .Come on you Gunners. Arsene Knows.
Hello again Geekay, I'm back from Chile, so if you are still in BsAs and want to get together to watch some premiership games and a couple of lagers, then drop me an e-mail, [email protected] . Also anyone else who loves premiership football is also welcome.
Open a bar that shows European soccer and sports.
There is no such place and there is some demand for it. And they are during the hours a normal bar can't make money.
You could easily get around 20-25 persons 3,4 days a week.