Watching US Netflix? (Google Fi VPN?)

I can'f find any recent discussion of this subject. (Due in part to the fact that "vpn" is not a valid search word here.)

Does vpn still work? Which vpn providers work or work best? Does the Google Fi vpn work?

Thanks, Bob
dumb question when you use a VPN all the web pages you subscribe/member will recognize you or you need to reset all passwords. If you come with a new ID can they recognize you? thanks
Does it cost $99 no matter what country you are in? If I am traveling around, will it work everywhere?
No resetting when I use my vpn, (Nord)!
If you use a USA credit card, it will work in all the countrys it covers. Go to their web site. It will tell you all the countries it covers. You use the same location in the U.S. wherever you are. You just need internet. I get Hulu, Netflix, Amazon prime , PBS and Spotify with ExpressVPN.