web designers in indextar.com/ba


Aug 29, 2006
Are there web designers amongst that expatba members that are listed in the inedextar.com/ba? How do you establish/ procure the services of a web designer in BsAs? Do they do interviews, do they have set flat rates for simple website designs, and monthly maintenance flat rate as well ? Will a contract be required? Any insights on how to go about this is most appreciated. Grazie
Trust me when I say this, do Not! bother with Argentinian webdesigners unless you want to pay a whole lot more for a whole lot less...I can hook you up with some decent advice if you send me a note with your email adress and some info about your site
Hmmm... Disagree on that one....Elpanada... In fact there are many businesses in Europe that are having their websites created here because of the cost/quality of the educated workforce. British company Lastminute.com for example has outsourced all their website reqs. to an Argentine company.
But am sure most people around can recommend someone.
What you would usually do is either meet personally ot through the phone, explain your requirements, taking this in account they would later show you three or 4 examples of what your webiste could look like and present a Quote for their services.
At least in my experience.
I would recommend you request several quotes as well as "bocetos" or Examples of what your web could look like, so you have a choice. Ask for websites of other clients of theirs to see if you like their design work ....
Contact Sergio at http://www.estudiomedia.com.ar/ he is an argentine and speaks english and is honest and helpful and has a great client list and I personally highly recommend him. I think he is on hoidays right now and should be back mid october.email in english or spanish through his website.
I would highly recommend UK national Toby Fletcher based in Buenos Aires.
Toby has developed websites for corporates such as apple.com.and recently completed some excellent web development for me email: [email protected]
Hello Grazie,We do websites, IT consulting etc, we are out of Denver and Los Angeles. I am currently working in Buenos Aires. You can see some of our clients at http://www.liquidmediadesign.com/clients.htmThere are recent sites that we are nearing completion that will be listed soon. YOu can contact me at [email protected] Thanks,