Western Union money transfer


Send less the first time. Start with say 300. When you set up the receiver details in WU make sure you set up citizenship as Argentina for the receiver account — even if they are not. You should not need to do any other verification.
You are right, you have to set the nationality of the receiver as Argentine, if it's a bank account to bank account transfer. That's what others and I have had to do. But if I am remembering correctly, someone posted here that that he did a transfer with a debit card and had to put in his correct nationality to get the transfer to go through. I'd say try it one way and if the system doesn't accept it, try it the other.


My goodness ... 1.00 USD = 150.4600 Argentine Peso (ARS)
Not to worry - The USD is still worth a dollar! (It's the ARS that has to worry.)

The country and it's citizenry are simply and indisputably GETTING BURIED ALIVE. And what makes this all the more amazing is that this is merely the beginning of a 4 hour, epic movie.

I conservatively estimate that 60%+ (Probably closer to 70% ...) of the whole population of the country will be at or most likely below the poverty line before this is all over. And, after it is all over, from start to finish ... it will take 20 to 30 years for the ship to right itself = LOST GENERATION.


My experience has been exactly the same as yours. Same day service often, and at most next day. Takes just minutes from my phone.
Happy to report that on the second bank to bank account transfer with WU verification having completed in the first round, the new bank to bank transfer I made this morning is all ready showing in the Arg Peso bank account this afternoon. Thanks Stantucker and dsp27 for encouraging words. That is some Express transfer service and with no fees! And at the exchange rate of 150 p / 1 usd. What is this world coming to?! :)