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I am not sure this will help you but it is an idea that can help in certain ventures......If you have a Skype OUT number, which you pay for, (I do), when you make a call your call will show its 'location' as any number you want it to show to the receiving party. I always have it show my Skype IN number, which is a U.S. number. And, and this vague....the Skype settings available on desktop Skype are more varied than on a cell phone. And, this is getting really technical.....in certain instances where I have needed a call back to my Skype in number from a party in the U.S.....their auto dialing system knows that my Skype in number is a virtual number and will not complete the call.

I realize this is not what you asked for.


Thanks to Caribbean Cool for the advice. Even though I was told in WU chat I had to call from my "registered" phone, I went ahead and called the toll free WU number using skype. There were no questions about the source of my call. I answered four verification questions and was told I would receive a confirmation email in 30 minutes.

Before ending the call I asked if the funds would arrive today. The rep thought they would as I used a debit card to make the transfer.

The email arrived in almost exactly 30 minutes, but it indicated the funds would be available by January 1st.

I checked my account at 6 PM andcould see that the funds have not been deposited to my account

As tomorrow is a holiday, I'll have to wait until Thursday. If the funds are not credited to my account by noon, I'll call WU again.

'Round and 'round she goes...


If I use WU it'll be my first contact with AFIP since I got my DNI. I have no income in Argentina. Is there any risk that AFIP will try to tax the funds I transferred? my US account? US income?


Cash payment in dollars in US, cash pick up in pesos in CABA. This morning (10:15am) the WU exchange rate shown was $72.26. I just checked (7:48pm) and the exchange rate is now showing at $74.91.
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After checking the general currency exchange rate and forecasts, all looking very stable around 59/60 pesos decide 74.91 may be as good as it gets for now. And take advantage of this message received last week when WU site was apologizing for being on the fritz.
"Our records indicate that you recently experienced technical issues while completing a money transfer.
To apologize for the inconvenience, we’d like to waive the transfer fee* on your next qualifying transaction."
Actually I'd only been repeatedly checking the WU exchange rates online. Nice of them to step up in any case. Transfer went through and available in an instant and no fee.
In the short time I've been using them they've become much more responsive and service oriented.
Life is fine on the Western Union Wheel of Fortune.