What About Birth Tourism In Argentina


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They send someone to the address that you gave to see in they can get you. If they can’t they assume you don’t live in the country. That’s why it is important to give them your current address and if you change let them know.
I made the mistake of giving them my parents address, a house that we rent out, instead of the one where I reside. After trying a few times gendarmería ended up stopping my husband on the street telling him that they wanted to talk to his wife. Luckily we live in a smallish place and we drive a car that stands out. But, they were going to run an advertisement on the local radio to get in touch with me. So at least here they do everything in their power to locate you.
In a bigger place the process might be different.
This is not the reason. Judges has power/jurisdiction on certain territory and this is why they concern about your address.
To check out if you live in Argentina or not they ask info to Immigration.


Has everybody go that now? Is anyone still confused?

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I read in some other thread that the person applying for citizenship needs a fixed address for the 18 months period (or howsoever long it takes to get citizenship), but may not necessarily live at that address continuously for the 18 months. I am in a sales profile and I travel extensively internationally. I can certainly fly in for 15-60 days each time for 3-4 times during the 18 month period, but cannot stay in any single place (neither in Argentina nor anywhere else in the World) for a continuous 18 months period.


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I suggest you make that consultation to a lawyer because it is too specific. The kind of info you can get here is general.


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So once the process starts, it’s 18 months right? Is that the same outside of Buenos Aires S inside of it? Thanks
The process takes between 7 up to 18 months as normal.
There are many different judges who work different. For the kind of very specific questions you are doing you need to schedule for a consultation with a lawyer.