What is an decent salary to raise two kids in Capital?


Jun 14, 2010
Nowadays the Court District and Downtown are full of empty offices you can buy (a studio) starting at 14.000 usd and recycle it for another 3k. Buy one, a bigger one perhaps, put it under your offspring´ name and you save no less than 1000 usd per month in rent and she is going to be a lot less stress in moving from the country side to BA. She is not going to be able to sell it. There are excellent schools for 200 usd. The new Civil Code allows you to pay the School, Medical Insurance and others straight. Sign an agreement in UMA CPACF and get it approved by a family judge. 6 Uma per child is considered a lot if you pay school and she does need to pay rent (200 usd per child). Uma is a unit of value that is updated several times per year.
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