What is the average income for individuals working in Buenos Aires?


Oct 17, 2008
The title pretty much says it all, but in any case, about how much does the average person make per hour/month/year whatever working in BA?
I think this question has come up before. As in any country, salary depends on occupation. One difference, though, is that here most professionals (doctors, lawyers etc) generally make very little compared with their counterparts in the US. Can you be more specific regarding occupation?
you're right, it's a big vague of a question :) I suppose I'm looking more for a range. Like, I know that people working at walmart(low-end job) make about $7.50/hr where I live, and programmers(high-end job) make $60k/yr.

What are the general ranges for low/high-end jobs in Argentina, or if it can be granulated, in BA.
I think a live in maid now makes around $1,200 pesos a month, about double what it was a few years ago. The hourly wage is in the $7-10 peso range. The same monthly wage may be similar for other unskilled workers though members of some unions do a lot better. A teacher probably gets around $1,500 but they work just 1/2 day and many have two jobs - one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I used to have a very clear idea of salaries and wages but everything has been changing so fast it is hard to keep up to date.
As a full-time local science teacher I make about $4,400p/month. I have a two masters degree. Another local teacher who has been in the system for 31 years makes the same as me. My friend who is a software developer makes about $6,000p/month.
Criswkh, Congratulations! I assume you are teaching at an important private school. Are you a foreigner on an overseas contract? if the latter, your salary is believable. Foreign teachers hired by a few elite private schools receive higher pay than local teachers and usually free housing. If you are a state school teacher, I am amazed. With such high pay there is no excuse for all the strikes. You must be the envy of many teachers - a very high salary, nearly three months of vacation, an extra month's pay per year, health insurance and other benefits.
Thank you Criswkh for sharing that information, it's very helpful :)

Sergio - about how much does a non-live-in maid cost? (say, 3 visits per week)
We earn just enough to survive!!! Just enough to live!!

My friend is from Costa Rica and has an administrative job in san jose. he earns far far more than most argentines i know here. He took 2 international trips this year (Petra, the pyramids, Israel, Mt. Kilamanjaro), all expensive guided tours. I pointed this out to him last night, and he confirmed that there is no question, argentines earn far less than they do in CR for the same job.
I think maids earn around $7-10 pesos per hour on average. I pay $11 but I am told that is high. $7 is probably low now.