What Latin American Countries have normal, working mail service?


Which countries?

In Argentina, I have a local friend who receives books from Amazon. He explained books are "allowed" while other products are not. I never followed up to understand what this meant, any ideas?
This may be the case, in theory. But as you know the law here is all in the eyes of the interpreter. Last year our friend sent us several copies of The Week and they ended up stuck in customs. The next lot arrived safely.


I am remembering why I left this forum. Not only did my question not get answered, I even got a condescending, presumptuous pm about how I need to adjust to life here. Yeah, after 16 years — thanks for the advice! I figured out the problem on my own -- turns out there are other Latin American countries where you an receive Amazon despite what you all say.
It's true, this forum has plenty of pelotudos, scamming real estate agents, etc. There are also some good people on the forum, but maybe they just don't post as often. The Internet in general is full of idiots, just try to ignore them.