What to do if you get H1n1 flu symptoms


Aug 10, 2006
If you get any H1N1 flu symptoms ( basically about the same as any seasonal flu ) you should call / see a doctor. Starting today, any patients with symptoms will be prescribed oseltamivir ( drug ) In order to get this in the city of Buenos Aires, you will have to be given a prescription with duplicate and also another form that has a city of BsAs seal. with this you have to go to Hospital Muñiz on Uspallata 2272 ( this is a public hospital that specializes in infectious diseases ) Here you will be provided with a free oseltamivir treatment. Currently oseltamivir ( Tamiflu ) is very hard to find at pharmacies, so keep this information handy in case you need it.
I don't have a doctor, so...

How does one find a doctor on short notice?

PS- I've been trying to sleep a lot, drink lots of fluids, and take lots of Vitamin C, because as I've said, I don't have a doctor.

PPS- I include a lot of "PS's".
This flu is being incredibly agressive to people between 20-50 and pregnant women.

My little niece has passed it without problems. A 30 year old friend of a friend died two weeks ago -after being sent home twice in spite of having a very high temperature. His lungs colapsed in 2 days...

Napoleon, you should go straight to the hospital and let them know you have symptoms. Hospital Fernandez is another place you can go to. I hear it works very well for a state-run hospital.

There's also a number to call for any Gripe A related matters: 147
If you have symptoms go to the ER. If you don't have insurance, go to the Fernandez Hospital as someone said. You may have a long wait but it will be worth it.
Sergio is right Napoleon: go to any Public Hospital ER, it is free. ( or pay at Hospital Aleman ER to see a doctor )

I live one block from an Emergency Room (small hospital with Ambulances) that is next to a police station. I'm not far from the Facultad de Medicina either. And I know where Hospital Juan Fernandez is. (It's easy to remember that name, because I went to school from 10-18 with a "Juan Fernandez".)

I'd probaby go to my local first and then try a second one if that doesn't work for them.
Prevention is the real key. Just a reminder, wash your hands everytime you get home - after taking the subte, the bus or anywhere you have handled money and door handles. Try to avoid using too much alcohol - just use soap and water scrubbing past the wrist. Try to avoid touching face, nose and mouth when outside of your house. Carry a tissue or hankerchief, to cover mouth when you sneeze and when someone sneezes next to you.
I know it sounds very simple, but since we cannot avoid going out of the house, we can minimize bringing the flu to our homes.
Oh re: the alcohol - wipe your front door handles and knobs with it frequently all throughout the day. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, as the docotors say.
Thanks for the tip nikad!

There's a free service for people who suspect that they may have swine flu. You call this number and they send a doctor to your house for free. If you suspect you have swine flu you are supposed to stay at home

Ministerio de Salud de la Nación
-servicio las 24 Hs - llamando al: 0800 222 1002 opción 5.

I was told everyone has access, so it shoudln't matter if its expats or not. Its a measure to protect public health, not a private provision.

Another email I've got at the office - really more relevant for people working (legally) here, so going to leave it in spanish.

Queríamos informarles que según la Resolución 471/2009 del Ministerio de Salud Pública del día de hoy, se establece que:
1) Habrá una licencia preventiva por quince (15) días corridos a partir del viernes 3 de julio para las mujeres embarazadas y para los trabajadores que pertenezcan a un grupo de riesgo como patologías cardíacas crónicas, diabetes o afecciones respiratorias. Esta situación deberá ser confirmada mediante certificado médico.
2) Se establece una licencia de quince (15) días corridos para cualquier persona que padezca Gripe A o tenga un familiar primario que padezca de Gripe A para poder dedicarse al cuidado del mismo. Se deberá presentar certificado médico en ambos casos.
3) Se establece que la Cía. podrá enviar un médico para constatar el estado de Gripe A del empleado o de su familiar directo afectado.