What would YOU do??


Jul 9, 2009
Hey BA lovers,

I am writing to pick the brains of the fortunate ones who have escaped the US and live in BA as a life long dream. I spent all of my last semester in BA and loved almost every moment of it. I miss it. I have dreams about it and wake up in a nite-mare because im no longer there!! lol

I came back to the states to graduate and now that I have 4 weeks left, the biggest question is... 'WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO NOW??' ....
I could join corporate America... but that sounds so boring. I want to LIVE in BA, DR, Costa Rica, Peru (doesnt matter really, I love BA the best)... I want to Travel, experience the world, delve in cultures and perfect my spanish... (maybe even learn portugese!)
You would think with the evolving technology there would be more internet jobs open to someone with dreams like me. But there aren't.

I will be a business owner one day, but rite now, as the wide eyed college student with loans out the anus and a McDonald's budget in savings.... I am asking YOU...
What do you do to stay afloat?? Or What would you recommend to keep this dream alive??:confused:
Get a job, start saving money, get qualified as an english language teacher, go travel! You need a way to make money, and a skill you can take around the world and get paid for. Teaching english probably the safest bet.

Make the most of being young. Corporate america isn't going anywhere, but you're less likely to want to live on a language teachers wages in south america in 20 years time.

I'm with Lee. Go for it.
Thank you jp and Lee for words of encouragement... additionally I was looking for alternative ways (than ESL teaching) to make enough money to live like a broke college student!! lol
Buenos Aires? Dont even consider it. Its a place to flee from, not move to. Nasty, dishonest people, garbage everywhere, thick clouds of pollution, soot in your apt. that coats everything hourly, broken sidewalks everywhere, inferior food, soaring prices, and a hopeless past as prelude history.
Whoa BrocolliandTea... strong words for BA. Sounds more like a description of New York... so at least by learning a foreign language and with the conversion rate, its a cheaper upgrade huh??!! Salud!
Karma.. GO FOR IT!!!!! I see the only thing holding you back are the college loans.. only you really know your debts and such...
There has NEVER been a better time to try to look for something out of the USA....

But take it from an old guy(45)... you get out of college with hopes and dreams.. it seems to be a blink of an eye.. and you are 45 and in the corporate rut with a job you hate.... and you never got to try "your" dreams......
I say give it a year if you can come back.. maybe family can help you.... give it a try... if not here in Argentina...Uruguay, Costa Rica...etc. or wherever you can get an opportunity.... Wish you the best of luck!!!!
Karma said:
Whoa BrocolliandTea... strong words for BA. Sounds more like a description of New York... so at least by learning a foreign language and with the conversion rate, its a cheaper upgrade huh??!! Salud!

Doesn't sound like NY either. Sounds like B&T is very unhappy and depressed. I really think he should (if not already) join in in the national sport & go see a therapist.

Now, Karma, you're not going to be making big US dollars when you come down here are you? Especially not teaching English. That's a good reason to do it now. It's easier to continue on your student budget right out of university than to try to go back to living on a student budget after working for 10/15 years.
You could always defer your loan......... :)

You could continue school here.........


I would try to get as many jobs as you can for a few months to set up about $2000 to $3000 us dollars. If you work your butt of for 3 or 4 months you can do it. Then stay at a nice hostel until you can find a place of your own (or room of your own). The bank roll will pad you for a couple of months (depending on your life style) until you can decide how to make some money. If you speak the language then that is a plus, however not a guarantee. If you do not like teaching then do not pay for a course to teach you how to teach.... you have to like teaching to survive the job (in my opinion).

I know of people who have decided to stay an extra week and end up with a wife, residency, kids, business...etc. It can happen....

The very important thing is that you attempt to make it happen. If you feel sooooo strongly about the move then it is probably supposed to happen.

It is scary..... but VERY awesome!

See you in a few months my friend!!