Where did all the black people go.


Dec 28, 2006
Just curious, I don't want to start a food fight. During my travels in Argentina there is a conspicuous absents of Black people. I read during the 19th century that the population of BsAs was 30% people of African heritage. Where did all the Black people go?
Outside of Palermo Viejo and puerto Madero most Argentines are Mestizos.
And why don't we see more of them here in BsAs? I was just making that observation a few days ago and so far no one has given a "good" answer. Why the heck did they all go?
At the beginning of the century there was a Yellow Fever plague that wiped out the black population. And thus the black population never re established in Argentina. Simple as that.
There were about half a dozen in Salon Canning last night
Interesting, you mean the Yellow Fever Plague was color specific? How come it only affected the blacks and not the "mestizos"? Very interesting.
Not quite that simple, though, yes G, the Yellow Fever did hit the black population in disproportionately large numbers - mostly because the black populace was concentrated in a few areas of town where the outbreak started. But, prior to that, in the 1865 war, blacks were conscripted into the military and used in particularly dangerous campaigns, resulting in a large number of losses, followed by mass emigration to Uruguay, particularly around Montevideo, which had a good sized black population already.
As Saltshaker said, many blacks were recruited for military campaigns. Many were sent to fight the Spanish colonial power that threatened the Argentine Independence.
Saltshaker....thanks for filling in the blanks. I was too lazy to go into detail on the topic.