Where do we get off?


Oct 19, 2008
After arriving in EZE, we're intending to take Colectivo 86 into town. After we get off the bus we intend to walk to the intersection of Florida and Lavalle. What intersection should we ask the driver to drop us at, when our bus approach Plaza de Mayo? Thanks.
Are you sure you want to take this bus? It takes forever and goes through some dicey areas. The official Ezeiza taxi (not a remise) - you will see a stand selling tickets as you leave arrivals - will not cost that much for two.
Most people on different forums says it's quite safe, so we're confident taking bus #86. Two hour's journey into town is fine and taking the bus is a good introduction into Argentina. A true traveller takes buses, not taxis. Anyway, that's my philosophy.
Travelling Bum,

Of course you can take the #86 colectivo and you'll probably arrive safe and sound. On top of that it's very cheap. Then again, I wouldn't want to spend 2 hours cruising through the poor conurbano of BA. Unless you're into shantytowns and boring suburbs. Furthermore, I wouldn't feel comfortable with my backpack in a jampacked colectivo.

If you take a cab, or a direct bus-service to the city (Manuel Tienda Leon) you'll get to see the shantytowns and boring suburbs and monoblock towns as well. But in stead of your trip taking 2 hours, it'll take just over 30-40 minutes.
Thanks for your concerns guys. As we're catching the colectivo 86 at the very first stop or last depending on what way you're travelling. I'm confident we'll get seats. We'll tie our backpacks to our laps with steel wires to deter would-be snatchers. (Only joking; hopefully that won't be necessary)
We're arriving in EZE at 10AM on a Monday morning, so we should be all right. Other people says this colectivo is quite safe, meaning there hasn't been any attacks recently. More than can be said of some taxis and MTL shuttles. Besides, I've been a travelling bum in a few countries around the world.
I will tell you about how the journey into town went from some internet cafe in Northern Argentina. Hasta la vista.:D
I LOVE people who waste other people's time by asking advice and then when PEOPLE THAT KNOW because they live in BsAs take the time to answer they still do it EXACTLY the way they originally planned. Reminds me of a friend who was going to Barcelona for the first time with his wife. He asked me how safe it is (I'm pretty familiar with Barcelona having some good friends there that I visit). I tell him the main thing is to watch the pick pockets in the metro and on the street. I repeat this advice numerous times to this guy. What's the first thing this naive traveler tells me when he gets back? His wife's small backpack was partly emptied out on the metro, they don't know how it happened, never saw/felt ANYTHING. Duh !!!

So, travellingbum, you've "been a TB in a few countries around the world" Really? So since when does the past tell you what will happen in the future? Most of the people on here are very bright and very well traveled - why do you ask for advice if all along you are determined to do it your way anyway? These people are nice enough to share their valuable time and knowledge. Please don't waste everyone's time if your mind is made up already. I find it super rude personally.

I love this - "there hasn't been any attacks recently". Logic says it sounds like it's prime time for a new attack then. Criminals like things to "cool down" then hit again. Chew on that concept for awhile por favor....... BTW, a true (and smart) traveler takes buses, taxis, mini vans, trains, planes, bikes, boats, rent a cars, motorcycles, scooters, helicopter, hot air balloons, blimps, skateboard, etc - whatever the situation calls for and is safe - there, you learned something today....
Get off at " Facultad de Ingenieria " that is some 4-5 blocks from Plaza de Mayo
Hi Travellingbum,

Am Argentine now living in the UK and I've taken the 86 a lot of times. First, I disagree with some previous postings here that it is REALLY BAD and dangerous ride. You will pass by some modest/bit dodgy areas but nothing like huge shantytowns (am not going to deny that there are shantytowns in Buenos Aires but the 86 doesn't go through them).

Second, if you want to go a bit faster and more confortable but still take the 86 you can take the "diferencial" service of this line that uses more confortable buses, has A/C and no people standing. Price is about twice the one for the standard ticket, so I guess about 4 to 5ARS now. The advantage is that it takes the Autopista Ricchieri from the airport up to the General Paz without stopping in every single stop as the normal 86 does. It departs from the same place the normal 86 does at Ezeiza (next to to the Terminal B of Aerolineas Argentinas, doesn't reach the terminal A where all the other intl airlines arrive so if you are not flying AR, then you'll have to walk a bit to the bus stop). It is just a suggestion if you want to get a bit faster and comfortable but still travel with locals in the 86.

Then, more important, to walk to Florida and Lavalle you should not get of at Facultad de Ingenieria (this is in the San Telmo area, more than a mile away where you are going). Instead, you should get off at Plaza de Mayo. The bus goes down Hipolito Yrigoyen street, so you should tell the driver you want to get off at "Hipolito Yrigoyen y Peru". From there just tak Peru St and after crossing Av de Mayo and Rivadavia it become Florida. Keep going straight 6 blocks and you'll get to its intersection with Lavalle. To give you an idea, you'll know you are close where you must get off when the bus crosses the Av 9 de Julio that is very wide and has the Obelisk in the middle.

Enjoy Buenos Aires!
Leanuk is right, I misread and thought u were going to Plaza de Mayo, my bad!