Where is Sunday's 9/16 girls coffee?


Jul 3, 2007
I promise I am going to make it this Sunday. I have not seen most of you in a while and would love to catch up and meet new girls. Kisses, Vero
vr236, I am so in for coffee. I love Persicco coffee, so my vote goes for that place, corner of Migueletes and Gorostiaga. Please, please....
So where and what time exactly is the girl meeting this sunday? Im new here and like to meet more people in Baires, like I already explained to Gallita. Im from Holland and staying here till december.
Please let me know, so I can make it and Im really looking forward to it.
Everyone, HI.
The address of this Persicco is, 886 esquina (corner of) Migueletes and MAURE (not Gorostiaga, as previously stated). This is in the Las Canitas area. You can't miss the place coz about the Persicco sign are the words LA STAMPA (which is a restaurant).
See you all there tomorrow. I hope this helps Dutchie otherwise send me a private note and I can give you a call.
Persicco is where I will wait for your gals, around 3pm. Rain or shine, I will be there. Are we the only ones in on this vr236. I would think that during a rainy day a nice cup of espresso with new acquaintances would be just the right combo, no?