Where to find a RAKU-style (desing furniture) outlet


I visited two shops of Raku. in Bs as design and Parlemo and their price are too high. Any idea on where to find the equivalent? Avenida Belgrano is not cheap anymore either. perhaps s.o knows their hiden taller or something equivalent in Greater Bs As?
any tips appreciated


Vivendi, which is also in BA Design and similar to Raku, has an outlet by the Panamericana, near the Unicenter. I haven't been there, so I don't know what kind of savings you might find.

Let us know more specifically what you're looking for, and probably someone can recommend a taller. I know a few good places for upholstered furniture, for example, if that's what you need, and also a good shop for simple glass tables. But I don't have a good recommendation for carpinteros who make good, inexpensive wood furniture.