Where to Find Good Custom Leather and Clothes?


Oct 15, 2009
Im looking to have a nice leather coat for the coming cold months,like to have it tailored to my body.Can anyone recommend a place?

Also looking for some nice evening clothes,stuff for clubs/bars,nothing too conservative,thats just not me...


There is a street in Villa Crespo called Murillo. There are loads of leather shops in this street and surrounding streets. Just head towards Murillo 600 - 700. Catch the Subte linea B until Malabia and you have to walk three or four blocks. I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for there!
As for nice evening wear- well, it depends on your taste, of course, but you might look at Mancini, in Palermo, on Honduras near Thames.
I have gotten some very nice clothes there- although I wait for the discounts at sale time.

Also Hermanos Estebecorena has cool stuff. They do some leather as well. I have a leather vest from there that I wear the hell out of- its really well made, stylin, and, of course, was not cheap- but whenever I wear it, I get compliments.
There is one on El Salvador, in Palermo Hollywood, and they have one in the mall at Paseo Alcorta.
yes murillo 666... amazing place

ok I am changing it to a nice place not amazing....... I bought a jacket and a sofa..hahaha
argsteve said:
yes murillo 666... amazing place
A bit on the overpriced side compared to others in the area because it is THE name. But yes, that is the original tanning district so that the local water supply wasn't tainted... quite so much.

There are also places on Florida and around there where they make their own stuff to fit you. Usually in just a couple of days. Another one I popped in on just yesterday to ask some questions is located on Reconquista between Cordoba & Viamonte I believe. There's also a place that I have been recommending (but maybe not as much anymore) on Suipacha just before Marcelo T. Alvear....

The stuff is everywhere. But I would recommend looking at the interior stitching of their stuff on the rack. You want to make sure that it's solid. And I'm thinking that in the end you would be happier to pay an extra 10%-20% more and walk away with a well made product than the alternative.
thanks for the replies so far...Do these shops close midday for siesta,or are they open all day?

My style..thats a good question...Im most comfortable in a ripped pair of blue jeans and a Ramones T-Shirt....But for entering nice bars and clubs thats not going to fly,so something tasteful thats not gonna make an inked up ex-DJ squirm.


A friend visiting this month told me about this leather shop in my neighborhood that I did not know about until today. It is a leather factory with a huge store in Balvanera. Two women at a nearby tango guest house ordered jackets and were completely satisfied. One woman found a tiny flaw in the lining of the jacket and insisted it be redone. They had it ready the next day for her departure.

BEWARE Leather Factory
see Juan Carlos who speaks English
Venezuela 2075 between Rincon and Sarandi
open Mon thru Sat from 9am to 6pm
jackets, coats, shoes, handbags, etc.
Jackets are made on premises.
Tel 4942 0062
The Murillo area is fabulous for shopping, but I find the people who work at Murillo 666 to be consistently rude. I happened to be in the leather district today and walked in to see if they sold men's gloves. The woman I asked rolled her eyes, continued slumping against the wall, and shouted "vendedores!" until one of them shouted back "ocupados!" I rolled my eyes right back and walked out. I'd way rather give my business to someone who actually wants it!

Meanwhile, in terms of custom fit, almost all of the stores will make any alterations you want for no extra charge, and many will even deliver it to your house, also for free.

Today I went to pick up a jacket I bought from Murillo 626 - fabulous store! I wanted the pockets adjusted and they made me a completely new jacket with new pockets and even put in an interior pocket at my request, same price as the original.

I also really like the people and the prices at En Kueros, Malabia 12. They do custom adjustments for free as well.
Hey there - as it happens my boyfriend and I have spent the last year designing and making leather bags here in Buenos Aires. We have created our own vegetable leathers with a local tannery and have an amazing saddlery come workshop where ww have made a weekend bag, messenger satchel, a canvas and leather backpack and a couple of other products. We are really proud of the quality and really don't think you will find any better here :)

We are currently running a kickstarter program here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ecel/ecels-quest-to-make-its-own-argentinean-leathers?ref=live

but once that's finished will be selling on our website: www.ecelshop.com

let us know what you think :)