Where to go for a mini break ?


Jul 2, 2009
With Easter weekend coming up I am desperate to get away from the city for a few days. I am looking for somewhere with fresh air where outdoor sports can be done as well as a town or city to explore ? Maybe some mountains and a lake would be nice. I have been to Mendoza and Carilo which I both loved so maybe something in between, any ideas would be much appreciated as well as hotel recommendations.
Go to Cordoba province -- if you don't have a car probably easiest to head to Villa General Belgrano and from there you can do a bunch of excursions, tours, horseback, 4x4, short hikes etc.

Otherwise if you have the money / time go to Bariloche (though it might be getting a bit cold by now) -- very pretty, lots of good hiking, rafting, cycling circuit of the lake etc. Unfortunately much longer to get to -- Cordoba province is only about 8 hrs depending on destination. Bariloche on bus is more like 18 I believe.

Villa General Belgrano looks great reminds me of the Austrian alps where my family is from! Think I may have found the place , thanks !
If you go to Villa Gral. Belgrano, take time to go on to La Cumbrecita. It's a small Swiss-style village right on the sierras, in a treed hollow where three clear-water streams come together. There are hotels in all price ranges, and many hiking trails branching off into the sierras. The place is little too Disney-esque, but very pleasant.

If you are looking for "Alpine", consider La Cumbrecita.

Va. Gral. Belgrano is in the valley; La Cumbrecita is about an hour away, right on the sierras. The whole village is "Alpine" style, and it is surrounded by pine woods.

There are many good hotels and cabins - pretty and private. Check the La Cumbrecita link and phone around.
I will go to San Clemente del Tuyu, about 300 klics from here.
Nice beaches, fishing, sand dunes, Mundo Marino (a kind of Sea World), and salted termal waters (very relaxing). No much night life, very family oriented.
Plenty of hotels, apts, hosterías, etc. One way trip cost is 100 pesos from Retiro (Plusmar).
good luck