Where to have a print framed

We have a second home in Palermo and we brought a print with us that we would like to have framed. There used to be a store in the BA Design Center that did framing, however, they are no longer there. Our apartment is in Palermo - - does anyone know of a place to have this done BA (hopefully in near Palermo).

My thanks.


there are picture framers all over.
I use the one that is on my same block, as it is so convenient, the guys are nice, reasonably priced, and do good work.
But you probably dont live on my block.

Nonetheless, I can recommend my guys- Carpe Diem, on Guemes between Billinghurst and Bustamante.

Nobody stocks much frame stock here- and they all pretty much buy from the same wholesalers- so you have mostly the same choices everywhere.


Gabirola on Honduras 5260. I have had a lot of pictures framed there, they do a great job, and if you need Laura's english is perfect.