Which Area - Recoleta, San Telmo, Barrio Norte, San Martin


Mar 17, 2008
Hi, I'm new here (on the forum) and am seriously thinking about getting a very small place in BA for part time stay. Have been to the city about 3 or 4 times and loved it immensely but am concerned with some of the things I continue to hear. First let me explain this part. Would be looking for an authentic area - am NOT a Puerto Madero type person - a place that just seems to have been built for rich expats with plastic taste - maybe I'm wrong but that's the impression I get.

I love the San Telmo style and character as well as the French style found in Barrio Norte where I would not need a car (just public transportation) but could have a market, general shop, restaurants, bars, some clubs, some late night street life, and possibly a day time "farmer's market " on a small street all within a few blocks of the apartment. San Telmo seems like the right place but how dangerous is it at night? Have taken taxi's down at night for tango shows but never walked around ST at night - have heard different things about safety there.

If San Telmo is too dangerous were would you recommend? The Palermo area almost seems like the suburb's, doesn't sound like the real true Central - ish BA, is that an accurate statement? Would you recommend Palermo (Palermo Whatever, Fill - in the name here please).. It seems like there's a lot of fustration on this board about day to day living in BA. Can you elaborate and please feel free to vent - is it that much of a pain? What's the worst part? How bad and dangerous is the violence (ie Pickpocket vs. hold up with a gun)

Really appreciate all and every answer and the more details you have time for sharing the better informed I can get, Thanks ahead of time for taking the time, Dudester
If you're saying you're looking for the authentic Buenos Aires, what do you have in mind? Because allthough some parts of Palermo are really suburb-like, they're not really authentic.
I think a neighbourhood like Villa Crespo, Caballito or Colegiales would be something you'd like. Big parts look libe suburbs, have a 'barrio'feel, but are lively enough, pretty safe and not very expensive because they're not in the city centre....
I would totally consider San Telmo next time I come down here. I've never caught a danger vibe there at night, but on the other hand not much reason to walk around there at night unless you're going to a milonga, resto, art show, whatever, where there will be people around anyway. Every gringo I know lives out in Palermo but it just feels so far away from the "heat" when I visit them out there. Dunno.