Which ATM can I get cash out of with an American Debit Card (Fidelity or Charles Schwab)?


The withdrawal does not show separate ATM fees on the bank statement, but at the end of the month there is a ATM fee rebate which includes all the fees for the month combined as one.


Which bank ATM can reliably get us cash out with an American debit card? On average, what is the maximum amount?
If you look at the back of your Charles Schwab debit card you will see the icons for the ATMs at which you can use the card to withdraw cash.

The first icon on the back of my Schwab debit card is the "INTERLINK" netrwork and in Argentina this is known as BANELCO.

Banco Santander Rio, Banco Patagonia, Macro, Itau,, Supervielle, and Galicia are all members of this network.

Here's a link to all of the ATM's in Argentina that you should be able to withdraw cash: https://www.icajero.com.ar/red/banelco

Last week I made a withdrawal at a banco Patagonia ATM in the amount off $4500 pesos plus the fee (just under $4000 pesos).

I made the withdrawal thinking the limit might be $5000 pesos per withdrawal. That's the latest maximum amount I can get in cash using my Santander Rio debit card at the major grocery stores in Punta Alta and Bahia Blanca

PS: The Banco Patagonia ATM dispensed the funds on the first (and only) attempt so I don't know how many more withdrawals I could have made in the same 24 hour period.


My Schwab debit card also says "INTERLINK". I have been able to withdraw cash at many ATMs in CABA since early 2016 from BOTH networks...the BANELCO (AB logo) and LINK (logo).

BANELCO network.....ATM withdrawals at Banco Santander Rio, HSBC, Galicia, BBVA and ICBC.
LINK network.....Banco Nacion (I have yet to utilize) and Banco Ciudad which I prefer to the other 5 banks listed above.

The reason I prefer the LINK network is because it will allow me to make 3 ATM withdrawals (each for the maximum amount allowed) within a 24-hr period. Whereas the banks affiliated with BANELCO only let me make 2 withdrawals (each for the maximum amount allowed) per day within a 24-hr period.

The maximum daily limit per each ATM withdrawal has been increased periodically since 2016 per local banking regulations .


Any updates on ATM withdrawals?

I had been reliably using Galicia to withdraw 8,000ARS each time, paying a fee of around 400ARS.

This last week Galicia appears to have started to restrict withdrawals to 4,000 per time (I have tried five different Galicias, and this has been the case at four of them).

Really frustrating as this is basically adding 10 percent to every cash purchase I make.

Are there any banks still allowing withdrawals of 8,000 ARS?

The cards I'm using are UK VISAs, from HSBC and Revolut.


BBVA you can reliably get $8000, but you need to use the most modern looking machine. At every BBVA there is one machine that is larger, more modern looking than the others. Only that one will give out 8000


Ran into the exact same issue, same card, same bank. Try $7,900- for whatever reason it worked today when it declined $8,000 seconds before.


I have Schwab and I find that at my local Santander (formerly Citi) some days I can get only 4000 and other days recently I have been getting 8000. I think it has to do with if the machine is stocked with only 100s or 500s...when it only give me 4000 max its on days when it only has 100s.

Now I can do (2) withdraws of 8000 max per day.