Which university.....UBA vs Belgrano?


Mar 30, 2008
My daughter is wanting to further her studies of Spanish and is considering studying at either UBA or Belgrano. She has done four years of high school spanish in the US.The reason for choosing a university ( as against a language school) is that she wants to be able to get transferable credits.
Any comments on the pros and cons of either school would be appreciated ie. cost,quality,locality,class size etc.
I am currently at Belgrano. Its a good / well run University. Someone on my course left UBA to come to my course and he said the difference in standards is amazing. I cant verfiy this but have no reason to disbelieve. I am happy with my choice, nice people, good organisation, good facilities.
Hi Big-m.....I appreciate your comment....are you per chance studying Spanish?
I would expect Belgrano to have much better facilities and to be better organized.
My poor opinion is that, if you are an American citizen, you'll do better going to an American univerity. Study Spanish there and then do a semester abroad. I don't know that units are transferable from an Argentine university back to the U.S. A friend of ours who studied a few years at the best university in Melbourne, Australia, tried unsuccessfully to transfer most of his units to the University of California. Big problem.
hi "Smith".....since my original posting i have found your point to be the case...i.e. one should be registered at ones "home" university prior to attending a foreign one in order for credits to be transfered.My thanks to all who have posted their comments.
I think I am coming late to this discussion, but if the original poster is still considering, I can give my experience at Belgrano. I studied there for 5 months and wasn't terribly pleased...it was organized, but the level of education for me was quite low. In fact, here in Bs As Belgrano has a reputation for 'selling degrees' (along with U Palermo), but then again that's a stereotype. The UBA is much more 'prestigious', but if your daughter is just studying abroad for a semester, then it won't matter so much, as she'll be getting her degree from the US university anyway. Just my two cents! Hope I could help!