Whole bean coffe?


Apr 19, 2009
Hello everyone!

Although I have lived in Buenos for about 7 years, I have yet to find a source for good whole bean coffee that isn't either stale, flavorless or over-roasted.

I am shameless about asking friends coming to visit to bring maple syrup and coffee, and although I have no hope for the syrup, I wonder if anyone has found a source of beans to get me through the lean times between visitors?


Thanks in advance!

Maple syrup can be found at Jumbo...Check out the Cafe Martinez chains for whole bean coffee, i seem to recall seeing whole bean there...
Thanks youse guys!

I have found whole bean coffee in a few places, including Carrefour, it just wasn't very good! I live in Vicente Lopez and am not close to a Jumbo, but I have browsed the one in Palermo and not seen maple syrup - I'll look again!

The coffee roaster on Puerydon looks VERY interesting - nice variety of different coffees and roasts (at least on their website!). I will get there in the next few days and report back on what's up if anyone is interested!

Thanks again!

I also recommend the General de Cafe on Pueyrredon, just a block or so off Santa Fe. They also sell a variety of coffee and espresso machines. It is also a cafe, with a cosy upstairs area, as well as a garden patio in the back. I go there often, even though I need to ride the Subte to get there.

But, frankly, I buy Starbuck's French roast or Italian roast beans for making coffee at home. Say what you will about Starbuck's, they do dark roasting better than most people.
Oh, maple syrup ... I buy that at the Carrefour in the Alcorta shopping mall.
Most Disco supermarkets have real maple syrup...from time to time...just like peanut butter.
Havanna has very good beans...they only sell a huge gold sealed bag...but it is good!! I am from Washington state, North of Seattle, the coffee capital of the U.S., and I hunted until I found a bean that was as good as I could find here...Havanna is about the best I have been able to find.
Thanks EG!

I wouldn't have thought to try Havana, as I am somewhat underwhelmed by their other offerings (e.g. alfajores good but not great)

However, as a northwesterner, your advice cannot be ignored, and I will grab a bag next chance I get.

BTW - where "north of Seattle?" I went to WWSC in Bellingham, back before coffee became such a crucial part of NW life!

Thanks again,

Bonafide also sells whole beans for substantially less than the above small chain, but the options are limited.

Also, there's this new chain called "Starbucks" that offers 1/4 Kilos by the bag.