WiFi in Palermo


Jun 25, 2009
Does anyone know a good place in Palermo to have a business type meeting with food and good WiFi?


I don't know about the food part, but areatres is an office space that offers conference rooms and WiFi and the like and it's located behind the Starbucks on Malabia. (b/n Costa Rica & El Salvador... I think)

They have a website. I know that there's a kitchen on site, but it might be just a kitchen in a small fridge/microwave over kind of way.
There is a small quiet cafe/restaurant called BEN. It's on Serrano just below Niceto Vega (towards Cabrera).

It's generally not very busy, the food is consistently decent, and they have wifi. Bright, open space.

Another coworking space is called Cowork Central, but again, there is no food actually served.
There is another place called Urban Spaces (i think) on El Salvador & Malabia about 1 1/2 blocks from areatres.
I've been to take a look at Urban Station on El Salvador and Malabia. It's a nice space and you can either book a room for a meeting or they have some areas with chairs set out in a circle where you can have a meeting and pay per person attending. They have free snacks and tea/coffee. It seems like a nice place and I intend on using it to get out of the house to do some work in future. Areatres around the corner is also very nice, but better if you need a permanent desk space I think as otherwise it's rather expensive for just the occasional event. Urban Station charges by the hour.

Ah! Urban Station, not Urban Spaces. Thanks GreenLeaf.
I am not usually one to leave reviews for businesses unless they really go above and beyond. That said I wanted to thank you guys for some of the useful info I´ve gotten from this board and specifically for introducing me to areatres.

I recently moved to Buenos Aires (Palermo specifically) for a year or two and had started working from home. I´m a consultant and am used to having people around and a functioning internet connection, both elements I lacked working from home. I initially checkout out a few other coworking spaces but they were not for me. I did like Urban Point around the corner from areatres but it seemed much more geared to people needing a place to work for a few hours and not as much the longer term solution that I was looking for. I also was concerned with the security issue there as the entire front is all glass and I felt rather exposed.

I am thrilled that I found areatres as its exactly what I was looking for in a workplace. The girls at reception are outstanding and have become trusted resources. The space itself is very modern and comfortable (I wish my apartment was this nice). The internet is fast and stable (again, wish it worked that well in my apartment). The best part has been being in an environment that is a mix of Argentines and expats, most of whom are working
on interesting projects.

It is definitely a motivating place to work. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the weekly massages (nice touch) and constant networking events. This is definitely the place to work in BA, no doubt.
Chris, thanks for sharing. A question. Do any of the co-working places in BA offer or have displays that you can plug your laptop into?

I'm a designer, and need the extra screen real estate. I've considered buying a used display here if anyone has one for sale I'd be interested.