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Jun 24, 2005
Hi everyone,

I am very excited to move to BA in the middle or end of August. I have some basic questions about finding work. It seems that the only jobs I hear about are of the English instruction kind. I don't have a TEFL certification and am hesitant about spending $1700 for a class! I am hearing conflicting information about whether or not I could rely on teaching with no certification. Is there anything else a non-Spanish speaking person can do for work? Any advice or resources?

Also, do temporary work visas exist or would I have to move on after three months? I'm an American...

Thanks so much! I appreciate your help.
Love your post title!
There are other jobs here, its just to find them before coming here. So far I have discovered some call center jobs (no Spanish required), recruiter job, and some personal assistant work.

Havent gone too deep on the legalities of it because shortly after discovering these I decided to go home for a month and work. One call center place did make a point to let me know I would need a DNI, legal docs, to work for them. Will check into that when I return in August.

The call center jobs were advertised in one of the Spanish language newspapers, a friend sent them to me. The Buenos Aires Herald has some jobs posted in their classified too, but they are mostly teaching ones or ones that require Spanish.

As for teaching, you dont have to have the cert, but you get better paying jobs with it. Not to mention it helps knowing what to do.
Hi TravelGoddess,

Thank you for your suggestions! I feel a little more hopeful that I will find something once I am there! How long were you in BA previously? If you are returning in August perhaps we can job hunt together! Take care.
You can get one year work permits quite easily but you need a job before they will give you one (bit of a catch 22, I know). Anyway, anything you need gives us a shout
Thanks, sadclown! Are there pubs/bars in the city where the patrons are primarily English-speaking? I ask because I have lots of experience as a server/waiter and would like to land a job doing that but I don't speak Spanish (yet!).

If anyone can name some places, let me know.
Shamrock, kilkenny, gibraltar, etc.... They are all quite dull but full of expats.
Hey Blue gal!
I dont know if I am coming back to BA yet. Mostly finances getting in the way. Any luck with a rest/bar job? I would love to do something like that, even if it paid bad!
Dont have much time online right now ...so email me directly and let me know how your planning is going.
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sadclown said:
Shamrock, kilkenny, gibraltar, etc.... They are all quite dull but full of expats.
one outta two aint bad:confused::confused: )note the date of the thread):eek: