Winter Olympics


Yes, Argentina has 7 people competing. Look for Argentina in the dropdown list.
HowardinBA, don't worry, we will kick England out of the WC2010 in quarter finals after playing 0-0 all games in the group zone and defeating Brazil in the round of 16 with a Palermo's goal in the last minute of injury time.
The goal against England will be scored after an unlucky rebound off the referee :D



I have a Canadian friend here who is obsessed with the Olympics.
She doesn't own a television and has been desperately trying to watch the events online, but to no avail. It seems to be absolutely impossible with NBC and CTV blocking access to IP addresses outside the US and Canada. Throwing up an IP shield or changing the proxy settings don't work to outsmart the networks. Has anyone had any success whatsoever with this? Please let us know! You'd make her day.



We find we're about to watch most shows on links via the sidereel site - and they seem to have some of the Olympics on there. Worth checking out but it won't be real time.


Oh guys, Canada's men's hockey team's FIRST game is tomorrow -- I'm actually MOVING tomorrow evening so I won't be able to make it but for now, but let's plan to meet up for the first IMPORTANT game : Canada vs the 'merkins, on Sunday, feb 21st , conveniently at 9 30 Buenos Aires time.
I'll post again about it in a few days