Wiring Money Canada-here


Jul 13, 2005
I know there's a few other Canucks lurking on the site so maybe they'll give an opinion.
I'm headed to the US at the end of the month. I was thinking to wire some money from Canada to the States to pick up. I want to bring back US$10k - the limit before you have to declare at customs. The Canadian dollar is at a historical high, so I'm thinking that it will be worth it - the dollar is at 94 cents today!!!
Ok so opinions. The BF and I have to put a deposit down on an apartment in the next couple of months, hence the reason for the cash.
Is it better to do the Canadian wire -- US Bank (it will only cost about $10,600 CAD + fees / commis) and walk away with the cold hard US Dollars.
Or should I do the Canadian Bank - Argentina - pay for conversion to US Dollars route...
What do you think? Opinions? I haven't dealt with any wiring of money etc so if people can give recommends that would be great.
Also on one of the other forums someone implied that it was illegal to pay for apartments with dollars brought into the country this way. Any thoughts?