Woman refused entry into BA nightclub for being 'too fat'


Imagine some of these "huge" broads wearing black spandex pants.....all it'll take is 1 thread to give out and a whole room full of guests could be wiped out!


People are too precious these days and always are the victims . To be fat is not a matter of hormones or thyroid but one of self control . If one eats less and avoids certain foods they will always lose weight . In regards to the club that refused entry I do not know if it is discriminatory as all clubs and restaurants have the right of entry . For example if someone comes to your club with a full niqab and wants to be let in shall we ? A club has to respect its other patrons and make sure that the mix of people in attendance look good respectful not wasted on drugs, smell ,or are dressed incorrectly for the type of environment
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