Work Visa


Mar 7, 2008
I'll be moving to Buenos Aires on June 12 and will be entering using the 3 month tourist visa. Within those 3 months I will be looking to solidify a job here before the temporary visa expires. I am currently getting all of my official documents in the U.S.
apostillied (birth certificate and police records) so that i will have them with me when I arrive in Argentina. I've been reading, however, that i would need to return to the U.S. to get the official stamp from the Argentine embassy. Others have said that I can complete the visa process in Argentina and receive the stamp without returning to the U.S. Also, I've read that that you need to have the official documents translated in Argetnina by a specific translation school. I'm very confused as to what i must have done in the u.s. and what i can have done here contrary to what is said on the argentine consulate website in the u.s. Is it possible to complete all steps of the visa process from Argentina? Can anyone who has a work visa help clarify this process??? thank you! Erin
- you can complete the process in Argentina.
- you do not need to return to the US if you choose to complete the process in Argentina.
- you need to translate your documents here if you choose to do your filing in Argentina, specially your birth certificate.